Improve deployment story

The idea is:

Create a REST API and extend the n8n CLI to POST/PUT workflows to the n8n endpoint, as a method for deploying workflows.

In prod, there’s no -v mounting of volumes in docker, and there are security boundaries around the database, such that you don’t want Github Actions to start talking to the database all of the sudden.

My use case:

Continuous Delivery and reproducibility of deployments.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Everyone who reaches a certain level of maturity needs to deploy n8n.

Any resources to support this?

Look at how Hasura does it; it’s the gold standard.

Are you willing to work on this?


Hey @haf,

I might be missing something but the API already has the ability to post a workflow and activate it so you could deploy a new n8n instance or workflows using existing tools.

This of course would be different if you specifically wanted to use the n8n cli tool instead of tools that you may already have available.

It is still a neat idea to have more of a universal CLI tool.

Oh, that’s great! What do I use to POST the workflow and deactivate the previous version of it?

Hey @haf,

Depends on the tools you have available, The API docs can be found under the settings for your installation along with a playground.