Incoming webhook not working

Hey! Found n8n few days ago and love it more than … Really. Things work as blaze! Better than I never expected:) Just incoming webhooks not working so wondering if there’s some mis-configuration I have done and maybe you guys can suggest something? I someone wanna help us properly set up everything and maybe also help to quicker build and advise best flows after seeing our user stories then feel free to DM me, too regarding paid help:) But yeah, maybe someone can just suggest how to fix this one: (tried test and production - none working)

Hey @crewnew, welcome to the community!

The response you are seeing (“Workflow did error.”) is coming from n8n. So the webhook has reached n8n but the response suggests something went wrong during your workflow execution.

As for not seeing data, your second screenshot suggests n8n is waiting for data sent to the test webhook URL .../webhook-test/...). Your first screenshot from Postman suggests, however, you are using the production webhook URL (.../webhook/...). Data send to the production URL would not show up in the UI but would be quietly processed in the background. This is also explained here in more detail.

If you copy the test webhook URL into postman, you should at least see the data coming into n8n and will then be able to check what went wrong during your workflow execution.

Professional assistance with setting up your workflows would usually be provided by external experts: You can find one here if needed or post here on the forum in the Jobs category.

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Thanks, sorted!

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Glad to hear that, many thanks for confirming!