Incorrect Notion database values


I’m finding that many, though weirdly not all, Notion formula and rollup fields are showing up in n8n with the wrong values. For example rollups that pull in email or phone fields work fine whilst plain text shows up blank. One workaround in that scenario that seems to work is mirroring the plain text rollup using another formula field. This does not work however, seemingly randomly, for many calculations - pretty weird and kind of annoying to not be able to pull in simple calculated fields.

I understand that Notion is in beta - are these known issues / issues that are likely to be fixed or are there any current workarounds?


  • n8n version: Version 0.199.0
  • Database you’re using (default: SQLite):
  • Running n8n with the execution process [own(default)]:
  • Running n8n via [Docker]:

Hi @Tony_McHugh, tbh I do not quite know about the status of our Notion node. I stumbled across a similar problem with the node not recognizing a newly created relationship field in my own database, while it was working for an older database from our user.

In general, Notion databases using dynamic fields seem to be complicated. I’ll make sure to add your points to our product team’s list for a closer look when the node is next touched.

Sorry for the trouble this might cause :frowning:

As a workaround, you might want to consider using the HTTP Request node to directly send the required API requests to Notion without having the n8n node apply its own logic.

Hi @MutedJam. Not to worry, just did some much needed javascript homework and figured out how to handle the calculations and data formatting in the code node - painful but worth it :sweat_smile:

Wondering now how to actually test the Notion trigger node. I was hoping that changing a select property of database page would trigger the node however nothing’s happening with polling set to 1 minute and event set to “Page updated in Database”. Are there limitations to the kinds of changes that are able to trigger the Notion trigger node or am I maybe missing something else? Thanks

In the current version of n8n, the node would watch the created_time (for page creations) and last_edited_time (for updates) fields for changes. So, in a first step, you might want to update your n8n instance to the latest n8n version 0.205.0 to make sure you get all bug fixes and updates to this node. Specifically, version 0.202.0 would include a relevant bug fix.

Then, add a new Notion Trigger node to your workflow (don’t copy an existing one, as this would stay on the old version). If the problem persists, you might want to check whether the aforementioned fields have been updated by Notion. I suspect when the only update concerns fields referencing data from other pages, last_edited_time might not get updated in all cases.

Thanks for the info @MutedJam. This is my first time updating n8n and I think I’m running the new version in Docker though the changes don’t seem to be propagating to my browser instance. Do I need to do some sort of reboot or something? Some screenshots in case they’re relevant:


From the screenshots you have shared it looks like you are very much running n8n 0.206.1 in your docker container. However, your container port 5678 does not appear to be bound to your host port 5678 (or any other port). This is how the Port section on docker desktop would look like if the container port is bound to a port on the host:

So, when accessing http://localhost:5678 you would access a different n8n instance than the one running in the docker container from your screenshot. Is there a chance a container with an older version of n8n is listening on port 5678 for you? You can see all running containers on the Containers page of Docker desktop:

Or by running docker ps in a terminal:

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