Insert Email on Keap

Hi All,

I’m trying to insert a new email via Keap node but it’s entering as a non-marketeable (meaning they don’t receive any email from keap).
I read the docs from keap and all fields and being sent!/Contact/createContactUsingPOST

Can anybody help?

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According to their docs:

You may opt-in or mark a Contact as Marketable by including the following field in the request JSON with an opt-in reason. (This field is also shown in the complete request body sample.) The reason you provide here will help with compliance. Example reasons: “Customer opted-in through webform”, "Contact gave explicit permission.

If you set the field Opt-In Reason it should fix the issue. I just tried myself and realized that there is a bug in the node. The parameter Opt-In Reason is available under Additional Fields. Sadly, when the node is executed the parameter is not included in the HTTP Request make to Keep’s API.

I just fixed it, and it should be available in the next release (We release weekly).

Got released with [email protected]

worked perfectly, thanks!

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