Instagram stats

I have done a forum search but not found much,

Is it possible to create a an automation to pull Insta stats for an account and publish them to Google sheets?

If not direct form Insta, perhaps via another tool that can access the stats and will allow n8n to get the data?

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The simple answer is yes :slight_smile:

I have been doing that for a few weeks now and I found the best way to do so is to use an API to get that info.

I am using they have a node with n8n.
I bet you can do it yourself but you would want to use a proxy when scaping that data, that is why I rather use an external API for that.

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Ha I made that node before I started working for n8n, it is nice to know it is being used.


@jon I got a lifetime account to them only because there was an n8n node :wink: it just made life a tad simpler for some of the simple tasks I was looking to do.

@Robm You can always try to just go directly to the Instagram API Webhooks - Instagram-Plattform - Dokumentation - Facebook for Developers

Looks like there is also a Feature request you can upvote :slight_smile: Instagram Business Api