Instagram Business Api

Triggers when a new mention for a business account or when a new media uploaded to the account.
Actions like publish media to the feed.

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Since there is a webhooks integration for the API, this probably isn’t too difficult to implement:

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:eyes: Hi guys, a node for Instagram posting sounds wonderful, I consumed my votes, +1


Made a simple version using https requests. Could be a good start.


@jan any updated on whether Instagram node is coming?

could be cool to have post (text/carousel/reels), triggers (on comment, on like, on dm…)

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Instagram Node would be a game-changer particularly to flows related to content.

Here is the full documentation on Instagram Graph API

Triggers and post/get requests that are nice to have:

-Get Comment
-Get Comment Replies
-Hashtag search
-Get media based on Hashtag
-Post image
-Post reel
-Post carousel
-Post comment
-Get user’s profile
-Get user’s images, videos

Hey @pooria,

This is not on our short term roadmap for the nodes team.

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I am also really interested to have an Instagram Node

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I would love something that simply allows me to copy a Facebook post and put it on Instagram