Integrate this new opensource technology by apple with n8n core

Summary of the YouTube video “Introducing Pickle: Apple’s New Open Source Configuration Language”


The video discusses a new alternative to JSON and YAML for configuration called Pickle, developed by Apple and open sourced.

Features of Pickle

  • Syntax: Pickle offers a blend of static language and general-purpose programming language features.
  • Configurability: It is programmable, scalable, and safe for configuring various types of data.
  • Type Annotations: Validation is achieved through type annotations with optional constraints.
  • Package Management: Pickle provides a package manager for sharing and importing dependencies.
  • Editor Support: Best-in-class IDE integrations, including plugins for popular editors like Visual Studio Code.

Use Cases and Comparison

  • Versatility: Pickle can be used to produce static configuration files or embedded within applications.
  • Validation: Ensures data validity through type annotations and constraints.
  • Benefits: Addressing shortcomings of traditional configuration formats like JSON, YAML, or property lists.

Implementation Details

  • Examples: Demonstrates defining configuration schema for a web app using classes, functions, loops, and type annotations.
  • Dependencies: Packages can be published and imported using the Pickle Package Manager (PPM).
  • Language Bindings: Supports embedding Pickle in various programming languages like Java, Kotlin, and Swift.


The video concludes with excitement over the potential of Pickle as a new tool for configuration management and development, highlighting its unexpected open-source nature from Apple.

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