Integration with magento 2 [GOT CREATED]

I’m not seeing any magento related nodes. can you please add the magento 2 node as soon as possible. I’m intrested to exploare magento 2 in n8n nodemation. Thanks!

Got created. We will let you know when it’s released

Got released with [email protected]


Are you considering making the Magento node triggers?
Trigger for an order
I do not manage (invoice …) on Magento

You are doing an excellent job and I hope to be able to contribute some code soon.

Have a good day

Welcome to the community @Dtneo

It’s not under development. You can make a feature request here in the community. But, In the meantime, you probably can make it work with a Magento webhook plugin and the Webhook node in n8n.

Great that you like the product and looking forward to that contribution

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Fast answer !

I have to work on understanding the “Webhook”.
Thanks a lot !

We have good docs about it. That, of course, it’s on the n8n side. You still will need to install the plugin in Magento. I have never done it nor have experience with it, but I do not think it is difficult to do.

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