Intervals in the Switch node

Is it possible to check against intervals in the Switch node?

Like to check if the Date is between 1/12/2021 and 31/12/2021? Right now I see only “Occured before” or “Occured after” with no option to apply “and” and “or” operators.

The same with Numbers. If I want to check 1) less then 0, 2) between 0 and 1, 3) between 1 and 2, 4) more then 2. I see no opportunity to combine conditions.

upd. Found a weak workaround. For the 0th output I can take “after” 31/12/2021, and for 1st I can take “after” 01/12/2021. So the 1st output produces exactly December records. The problem here — 0th output is simply used to “substract” data to get the proper result. So I waste one output.

Actually, all examples with Switches in the Workdlows library check only equality. No other types of comparisions

Do not think this is possible. However, adding a within option to the date type should not be difficult. You can make a feature request.

I think, there’s a feasible solution if add a Combine settings like in If. It must combine for every Rule of the same Output. So, if we have 2 conditions for 0th output, first is Age > 20 and second Age < 30, and the Combine is set as ALL, then 0th output results in 20 < Age < 30 .
I’ll make a feature request.