Is there a limit on the number of columns in google sheet?

Cannot update with 77 columns.

Are you using the latest n8n version?

No, not the latest version.
We could not figure out the update in Docker.

You can check this out:

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I broke everything, could not update (.
Now nothing works at all.
I’ll try to restore from backup

That should not happen. What error do you get?

Now the site on which n8n is installed simply does not work, the data recovery has started, I’m waiting.
The problem is in the language barrier, plus I did not install n8n myself (I asked for help from a friend programmer). It is quite difficult to understand where to write and click in my situation.

I restored yesterday’s backup. You need to learn how to update correctly).

Ah yes can understand that. Sadly so also hard for me to help in this situation. Normally simply pulling the latest image or updating the docker-compose file by setting the latest version number should work.

Our upcoming hosted version should make that easier.

Can I send you screenshots and you will help to make an update step by step? Will it be easy for you?

What is the correct path to the folder that docker-compose.yml is in

It turned out to update!
After the update, everything works! There are no limits on the range.
Thanks, Jan!

Sorry was having lunch, just came back to the computer.

Great to hear that everything works now!