Is there a way to customize webhook's OnReceived respond mode?


I wonder if it is possible to customize webhook node’s response body when I configure it with OnReceived respond mode?

Current default response is

    "message": "Workflow got started."

I was thinking what if I want to modify this message by including request id in response (which we can generate in workflow - like UUID may be). The reason I am asking is if requesters wants to check back status of original request, how can they check back status of their original request’s status, how much time it took and how summary of requests looks like, etc?

Kind Regards,
Chirag Patadia.

No, sorry that is currently sadly not possible.

So it would be best to be posted as feature request.

What you describe would probably be a little bit more work. So will take some time to get implemented as our resources are very scarce right now.