[ISSUE] I cancelled a webhook by mistake because of the design

Hi. I have a couple of scenarios running in n8n. Today, I canceled an incoming webhook that started to run by mistake because of a failure in the design of the executions list.

As you can see, the executions window has an orange “folder” icon that you must press to open and see the execution.

The second I was about to press it, a new webhook was triggered, and an orange (running) entry took the exact space of the first execution that I was about to inspect, so I clicked the stop button instead of the folder that I wanted to. I can’t even find a way to “retry” or execute it manually again…


The data I have lost is not that important, but this needs to be reworked somehow, making it impossible to miss-click and press the wrong button.

@jan, can you please move this thread to suggestions, maybe? I think it’s a good suggestion about a real problem with the current button placement.


Hey @yukyo,

There is no need to tag Jan, We have a moderation team and we check the posts daily. It was likely not moved earlier in the week because there were issues to resolve before going back and looking at feature suggestions.

I have now moved this to feature requests for you though.


Thanks a lot for raising this issue. Agree that this should be changed. But I can also share that it will resolve itself very soon as we are currently working on updating the execution list. Saw the new design of @maxT around 2 weeks ago. Not sure when a developer will start with the implementation but should not take crazy long.


Thanks @jan for mentioning me. That’s right, the redesign is slated to be picked up imminently by engineering. “Stop” action will no longer be in same place as open - agreed that this is a dangerous pattern and thank you for flagging this @yukyo :pray:

Stop action will be located in an ellipsis menu (a “…” menu) for each exec. So this will add 1x extra click, but should act as a preventative measure for exactly your scenario.

If you’re curious, here is a little sneak peek of the feature (some things might change by the time it’s released) :point_down:


Oh wow, This is the first time I am seeing that page and I really like it.

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This looks awesome! You guys are doing amazing work.


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