Issue with date in spreadsheet node


I’m pulling electricty price history from French Governement open dataset :

I use this workflow to transform this csv file to a spreadsheet so I can insert it into a PostgreSQL database.

I have an issue with the date format. Starting at 2014, there is an issue in DATE_DEBUT column, it’s not a date anymore but a number.

Any idea ?

My n8n setup :

  • n8n version: 0.165.1
  • Database you’re using (default: SQLite): PostgreSQL

Not sure why this is happening, but if you set raw data to true (underneath options), it parses the dates correctly.

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Thanks @RicardoE105, it’s working. Not clear what it means, but it’s ok.

To share the final result if someone interested to reuse, this flow pull Tarif bleu de l’électricté history from French Governement open data and fill a PostgreSQL / TimescaleDB table.

Pour partager le résultat final si cela intéresse quelqu’un, ce flow récupère l’historique du Tarif bleu de l’électricité depuis le site open data du gouvernement français et le stocke dans une table PostgreSQL / TimescaleDB.