It's possible to organize workflows by Topics / groups / workspaces?

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Hello, Its possible to organize my workflows by different workspaces? I want to put users in different teams (workspaces) where they just will see their workflows.

Hi @Gabriel_Henrique - thanks for getting in touch with us about this, and welcome to the community :tada:

The level of user management you’re looking for as well as organising workflows into different workspaces under a single instance of n8n is, at this point in time, a feature request - unfortunately, there wouldn’t be a way to do that at the moment.

We do have a user management feature which will allow you to have multiple users with different permissions, so definitely check it out, but it won’t be as granular as you’re looking for at the moment.

One suggestion I could make for you is to use the tag feature to tag your workflows to make them easier to sort and filter.

Hope that helps!

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