JMESPath Library Integration

Hello, just seeing if there was any chance that JMESpath could be integrated within n8n? Would be amazingly useful.
More info at:

Ahh this is quite interesting, I see how it might be helpful for some people. Check this out @ivov.

Agreed, a JSON query node sounds interesting.

@angel Are you interested in that specific library for a particular reason vs. the alternatives?

For reference, other options:

The company I work for uses a node style platform and one of the most useful nodes for us internally is the JMESpath node. We’ve become very proficient with it and we have an internal joke that if you need something done, JMESpath is probably the answer.

Our company node platform allows for a JSON input field, and then two output options, either output in string or array, and you can give it a property name to call on either of those outputs. I use it a lot when manipulating arrays, or removing single items from arrays, or even to just filter out the data I need.

I haven’t tested the alternative, but I’ll definitely check it out.

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For your internal tool, are you writing JMESPath syntax within the node itself? If that is the case, would simply having JMESPath available in the function node be essentially what you’re after?

If yes, then this should already be possible on a self-hosted n8n: