JSON Parser Node

The idea is:

As we’re dealing with API’s daily, most of them output a JSON string, which needs to be parsed in order to use it in other nodes in the workflow.
I know it might seems like an unnecessary addition [I’ve used the Code node to parse JSON], but it makes the process easier and cleaner! [been using a similar module in make.com]

My use case:

Parse JSON strings

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It’s convenient and supaa easyy!

Any resources to support this?

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hello @brahimh

Actually, Edit FIelds is able to parse or stringify the JSON


Just tried it, it didn’t work for this JSON string for example

Tried passing the Json directly as {{$json.data}}, and also pasting it there…

Make’s Parse JSON module:

I already got the result I want using Javascript via the code node, But it’d be very helpful to have a node that can handle all JSON Parse Formats…

And what is the issue? I do not see any strings in your example.
you have a JSON object on the screenshot. The Edit Fields node also returns the JSON object. If you want it to return a string, then the type should be “String” and not an “Object”

I mean, each “variable” should be separate so I could use it in the next nodes, which’s not the case when using the Edit Fields node.

No, It should not be separated as you have a nested Array there.

To be able to see the “variable N” as a separate entry, you will need to output it as
{{$json.data[0]}} in JSON Mode (not the Manual Map)

Or you can simply use the Split Node

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