Keep input data for all nodes

The idea is:

An option for all nodes like “Keep input data”

The Set node already does that by default, for most other nodes it would be beneficial to make this an optional option to manually enable.

My use case / I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

make workflows better readable and debuggable and removing “merge” mess like in the screenshot:

I’ve had a quick look over my main instance and I could remove about 75% of merge nodes I used.

It would solve some readability issues, as with that it would be possible to completely not using references to “older” nodes. Which makes the whole workflow work in one flow (without jumping “back and forth” to get the data you need)

Debugging is easier when no nodes use references to “older” nodes, as nodes can be named poorly in the development phase (special character in node name issue)

I hope this is not a duplicate, I think I’ve already written about this some time ago, but I can’t find it any more /:

EDIT: maybe it only makes sense to add something like that to nodes which output max 1 item – or combine the incoming item with all output items.