Lemmy API Integration

The idea is:

Integration of the Lemmy API for the same functionality as the Reddit Node

My use case:

Execution of Lemmy search for new posts in different communities (and follow-up workflow)

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

As more and more users turn away from Reddit and switch to Lemmy, a direct integration would be an advantage

Any resources to support this?


Are you willing to work on this?

Sure, but unfortunately I do not have great programming skills

Hi @amalgam, thanks so much for raising this! As a fellow Lemmy user I too would like to see this. That said, Lemmy is still in an early development stage, meaning the API might change. A custom node would break when this happens.

So for now it might be a better idea to use the HTTP Request node to interact with Lemmy’s API or the RSS node (using a URL such as https://reddthat.com/feeds/c/gentoo.xml?sort=New where reddthat.com is your Lemmy hostname and gentoo is the community you want to subscribe to.

Using community nodes such as GitHub - Joffcom/n8n-nodes-rss-feed-trigger you will also be able to start your workflow when a new post appears.

Hello MutedJam

Thank you. Agree with you, Lemmy is still in an early stage of development. Currently I’m fetching the relevant posts (as you mentioned) via HTTP request node. RSS is not quite optimal for me, as I am targeting Lemmy search for specific posts on topics/communities.

But I still wanted to place my request. In the long run, such an integration makes sense :slight_smile:

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