Lime Survey -

As a large market research company we rely heavily on Limesurvey to manage, distribute and receive surveys and responses.

Considering LimeSurvey is FREEWARE and has a thriving community and developer support I think it would be a great to onboard Limesurvey as an avialable node on n8n. In fact it would probably help promote n8n further if the lImesurvey community were aware they could use such a node with n8n.

I have no affiliation with LimeSurvey whatsoever but owning a large market research company we haven’t found anything that get’s anywhere near to it for the scale and complexities that we require, even paid competitor solutions. It’s totally free and open source but like n8n they now have their own cloud paid version - which obviously I totally understand the need to make money - so its a bit harder to find the free download link which can be seen here Downloads - LimeSurvey | Open Source Survey Tool ).

I guessed the most important thing to have it’s a trigger. I checked the API, and they do not have a webhook API. It looks like to enable webhooks, one have to use a plug-in. Can you confirm that?

If that is the case, you can use the webhook node to catch the form answers.

Thanks @RicardoE105, I’ll take a look