Link Sub Workflow with Parent Workflow


(Created from Execution Public API )

Currently, there is no way to structure the execution list. If you have a workflow x, which calls a subworkflow y, there will be 2 executions in the log, but they are not linked (like retry).

There is no way to build a tree-structure monitoring for executions via public api :frowning:

It seems there is already code for it, but not fully implemented ( parentExecutionId ):

	workflowInfo: IExecuteWorkflowInfo,
	additionalData: IWorkflowExecuteAdditionalData,
	inputData?: INodeExecutionData[],
	parentExecutionId?: string,
	loadedWorkflowData?: IWorkflowBase,
	loadedRunData?: IWorkflowExecutionDataProcess,

NodeExecuter (only 3 params…)

.executeWorkflow(workflowInfo, additionalData, inputData)

Guess it will be very nice to link both of the workflows. Specially, when you call a sub sub sub sub sub workflow.

An ugly alternative way would be calling an own implementation service after every subworkflow to persist this data. Sub Workflow would return item.executionId = parseInt($executionId.toString()) and the main workflow would call the service. But this seems like a really terrible idea :sweat_smile:


Any updates yet?