Link Title option in Markdown to HTML node (Showdown)

The idea is:

Include support for the title property of the HTML <a> tag in Options.
Perhaps an option to pull the target page’s title from the <title> tag.
Other smart options?

My use case:

I have a workflow that receives markdown from Trello. Unfortunately Trello links don’t follow the Github flavor, so link titles are not supported.

Trello link markdown looks like:

[Arnold Schwarzenegger](

Github flavor mkdn looks like:

[Arnold Schwarzenegger]( "‌Arnold's Pump Club")

And to keep things nice and confusing, the markdown from Trello that is received in the n8n Markdown-HTML node looks like:

[Arnold Schwarzenegger]( "‌")

(the quotes were automatically added at some point, unavoidable to my knowledge).

This is a problem [for my use case] since the Markdown node inserts title="" property into the <a> tag, causing an empty tooltip text to render. That property shouldn’t be there, if blank, or ideally it should be populated with the appropriate title text.

The Markdown to HTML node (built on Showdown) offers many great parsing options, even including the insertion of target="_blank" into the <a> tag. However there is no option for working with the title property.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It would provide greater control over the HTML output from markdown. The Markdown to HTML node currently offers no control over the title property for links it parses, however it still inserts blank title data.

Any resources to support this?

Grabbing the title from the target page is pretty simple.
$ in this case is the string with the HTML output from a simple GET request to the target URL.

{{ $$"<title>")+7,$"</title>")) }}

This returns the title of the HTML doc. A similar script could instead grab the SEO title.

I have this created in a workflow, but I’m unsure now how to go back and put this in the Markdown (before Markdown to HTML node) or put this in the HTML (after the node).

While my use case may be rare, this solution seems like it would fit nicely with the other Options in the Markdown to HTML node.

EDIT: This doesn’t account for properties used inside the title tag.

Are you willing to work on this?

Happily, but I won’t be the fastest or most useful team member on the backend.

@jan does this feel like a good idea or am I aiming too high here?