Mailchimp "Update Operation" missing "Tags" field


Is there a reason why the “Tags” field is missing when you create a Mailchimp node Operation->Update, but you can set up the “Tags” if you choose Operation->Create?


Hey @Darius_Dumitru,

It could just be that updating them wasn’t defined as a feature that was needed when the node was created.

A lot of the time when we make a node we ask what features are needed and implement those which does mean that sometimes bits are missed that others may find useful.

The other side of it is some nodes are made by community members and they may only add what they are using.

Either way I have changed this to a feature request for you so that we know we need to add it in the future.

Thanks, @jon . Hope this will be in a future update.

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@jon Do you know if I can update the tags in Mailchimp via a HTTP node with PUT Method?

Hey @Darius_Dumitru,

As long as the Mailchimp API allows it the HTTP Node would provide a good workaround.