Making hosting easier: Preconfigured One Click App or Button

Hey, I was building a couple workflows and then has to start thinking about hosting so I can actually use them daily. I’ve seen a couple a companies offer simpler hosting alternatives through preconfigured 1-Click Apps on Digital Ocean and Heroku Buttons. Is that something that can be developed for n8n?

Honestly do not have any experience with any of them. Esp. not with how hard they are to create and maintain. For that reason did I create this tutorial instead

Think it is reasonable “easy” for all technical people to follow and set n8n up themselves on all available hosting providers. For all others are we currently working on a hosted version which will be similar to any other SaaS product and everything will be taken care of automatically. We are doing our best right now to get it up and running asap.




Hey @saal,
Great work! You beat me to the punch on this one! I had this on my “to do” list!

@saal thanks for sharing n8n-heroku. Pretty slick way to get self-hosted n8n started quickly!

@malgamves we also have, our cloud version of n8n launching in the near future. With it, you can create an account and quickly get a persistent private n8n instance without worrying about server management and the like. If you’re interested, the early access sign-up is here:


Thanks @maxT - I’ve signed up.

Also great job @saal so nice and easy to setup!

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