Matrix Trigger on new message

The idea is:

I would like to be able to trigger workflows by messages in Matrix. Currently I have to periodically get all messages and remember the last seen message. This adds a lot of complexity and delays the execution. Addittionaly it loads the matrix server by polling all the time.

My use case:

I implemented a minimal task-managment in a matrix room. Sending a message adds to the list and sending “list” outputs the currently open items. As written above, this is currently implemented by polling once a minute and remebering the time of the previous execution.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

invoking Workflows from Chat can often make sense. This would allow simple chatbots to be implemented without writing code specialized for Matrix.

Any resources to support this?

My first idea was to use a webhook from Matrix as a simple solution. I couldn’t find anything that allows sending webhooks from matrix though. The “correct” way to do it, is probably using the Client-Notification API as seen in Matrix - Client-Server-API - 11.15. Push Notifications.

Are you willing to work on this?

I’m kind of lost where to start, I’d be willing to work on it though if I get some pointers.

I am looking for the same feature. Also such triggers are already present in n8n for other messaging platforms like Telegram, so why not Matrix.

I am also interested in being able to trigger a workflow upon receipt of a new message in matrix.