Memory issue?

Workflow A should start Workflow B.
I tried “HTTP Request” and “Execute workflow”, sometimes it works but it does almost never and thats why I cant figure out why.

The test is just 2 nodes with some static data to get it working.

WorkflowB does trigger an external request so could be slower (but not heavy), for this reason I m looking into using HTTP request so I can get a fast response but maybe Execute Workflow works in the same way but doesnt seem to be documented.

But then I get this error:

In console it shows:
n8n | Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘0’)

The Linux machine has 2GB memory, the n8n docker just uses about 200MiB of memory idle (limit 2GiB) and when running WorkflowA (that starts WorkflowB) is uses 280MiB max… So memory should be a issue.

What could I be missing?

Hey @Markk,

Can you share the workflows and the version of n8n you are using?

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