Minimal workflow example with resourceMapper

Hello, I’m looking for a minimal workflow example featureing the resourceMapper method, preferably with Google Sheets if possible. If one exists and I’ve missed it, apologies. All I’ve found so far is code for custom node development, and I’m not that far into n8n where I want to do that at the moment. Hopefully this is not too big an ask, thank you.

hello @Jonathan_Sherman

What is the issue?

Here is the example

Thanks for getting back - I am familiar with the manual mapping. What I was looking for was something to dynamically map columns because the amount and names of columns won’t be the same each time. I’ve written a code node to handle it, but after reading this thread I thought this might be possible with the resourceMapper. However, I don’t see how this is possible with the manual mapping method. Am I missing something here?

Why not using automapping? But you should prepare incoming fields to have the same name as in the gsheet.

Thanks for that. I ended up using code node though because names will change.