Missing level 1 course badge

I completed the level 1 course on 03/10/23; the badge has not posted. is there something that I need to do to rectify?

Hi @d1amondre, I am so sorry for the trouble. We had some issues with the internal n8n instance powering the course recently and I believe you might have been affected by this.

I know we’re using @Jon’s Google account for the course (who’s out today), but I am sure he can take a quick look tomorrow.

Wasn’t he gone for the rest of the week? We don’t want him to keep up this habit of him working in his free time, of course. :innocent:

@MutedJam thanks for your response. no worries at all and there is no hurry for the badge.

Hey @d1amondre,

What is your unique id?

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@Jon reclvSOsxeQ3GSFY5