Modify, access or limit threads in OpenAI Assistant Agent (Lang Chain)

Feature Request: Thread Limitation for User Conversation Isolation in OpenAI Assistant Agent (Lang Chain)


I propose the addition of a crucial feature that allows users to limit threads in the OpenAI Assistant Agent (Lang Chain). Currently, it appears that only one thread is active, and there is no way to change threads or initiate separate sessions. This feature is essential to isolate and manage individual user conversations effectively.

Use Case

Thread Limitation for User Conversation Isolation

Users should have the ability to limit threads, creating a clear separation between each conversation or user session. This would ensure that interactions with one user do not impact or mix with interactions from another user, enhancing privacy and conversation organization.


  • User Privacy: Thread limitation guarantees that each user’s conversation remains private and isolated from others.
  • Efficient Management: Users and developers can more efficiently manage and track individual conversations by limiting threads.
  • Clarity and Structure: Thread separation provides a clear and structured way to organize and archive interactions with different users.


The feature could be implemented through the user interface controls that allow users to initiate and manage separate threads or sessions with an id. This control could ensure that interactions within one thread do not influence or overlap with interactions in another.


Adding the ability to limit threads for user conversation isolation is a vital enhancement for the OpenAI Assistant Agent (Lang Chain). This feature aligns with the need for privacy, organization, and efficient management of multiple user interactions.

Thank you for considering this feature request.

Lucas Peyrin