Multiple Gmail attachment upload to Google Cloud Storage

Hello guys,
I am trying to make a workflow, which uploads all attachments in GMAIL message to a Google Cloud Storage. I have a perfectly working workflow, just there are two issues:

  1. File upload step says “No binary data exists on the item!” - seems the step with BINARY and FILE UPLOAD steps need to be close to each other, otherwise it failed. How to solve that

  2. Upcoming problem is how to make this workflow suitable for multiple attachments.
    I have followed this post How to upload multiple binaries to a S3 bucket? and there is a problem when “Split Up Binary Data” is NOT a next step after GMAIL. How to improve “Split Up Binary Data” to make this work?

Hi @Saravicius :wave:

I won’t be able to run your workflow as you this requires a lot of credentials I wouldn’t have, and I don’t have any experience with Google Cloud Storage, but have you tried something like {{ $('Gmail Trigger').item.binary }} or {{ $('Gmail Trigger').all()}} in your code node or expressions to access a previous node’s data?

I made a quick example using the HTTP request node, with a Set node between, showing you how to access data from a different node.

This of course may be different depending on which version of n8n you’re running, which you didn’t specify in your post :bowing_man:

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Good stuff. Solved both. Thanks @EmeraldHerald

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