Multiple master nodes

Hi guys, we’re using successfully a k8s deployment of Kubernetes, and we’re already being able to scale webhooks and workers. However, it’s unclear to us if the master node can be replicated. At first we understood we could have more replicas of master, however we started to see duplicated jobs triggered by cron, for instance.
Is n8n currently designed to support multiple master node replicas?

Hi @fcecagno, welcome to the community!

At the moment, there’d be one main instance as described here I am afraid. Only a configuration with multiple workers would be supported at this time:

one main instance receiving workflow information (e.g. triggers) and the worker instances performing the executions

I’ll convert your question into a feature request, so you and other users can leave their votes for additional scaling options in n8n.

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hey @MutedJam ,
Is there any feature request I can track for this ?

Hi @Pooja, welcome to the community :tada:

This thread itself serves as a feature request, so if you’re interested in this functionality make sure to leave a vote using the button in the upper left corner.

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