N8N AI Document Loader Error

Im having an issue with n8n AI trying to do document uploads to a vector store using the Binary Input Loader.

When I try to run this flow I get an error on the Loader: “ERROR: Failed to load pdf-parse. Please install it with eg. npm install pdf-parse.”

How do I fix?

Hey @Nikto655,

Can you share a workflow example for this?

I have a PDF file coming in from the dropbox node. Below example has the wrong filetype in the loader node, but im using the PDF file type when it fails.

I am having the same issue not also for PDF files but Docx files. When I try to load docx it throws error for mammoth library

Looks like important dependencies got removed. I added them back and built a new image. It should be ready in 10 minutes.

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Thanjs @jan Will this update docker file for aibeta? Docker

Yes it is ai-beta

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Works great now! Thanks!

Glad to hear! Have fun!

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