N8n API post /users

I can see here feat: Add n8n Public API (#3064) · n8n-io/n8n@a18081d · GitHub a post /users API, I desperately need that. Is there any documentation for this?

Hi @Menna, I am afraid this isn’t a supported endpoint included in n8n’s public API at this time. So depending on what you have in mind you want to explore other approaches. E.g. if you’re just trying to get n8n users you could simply query the user table in your n8n database instead.

@pemontto has also shared some really cool additional approaches for automating some user-related operations here: How to share workflow in private n8n instance? - #3 by pemontto

Definitely worth checking out but keep in mind the database can change in the future without prior notice.

@MutedJam thank you for answering!
I just need the post /users to be able to directly add users with their passwords and all. Sending invitations is not a valid thing in my case.

Okay, so I’ll convert this question into a feature request allowing you and other users to vote on it :slight_smile:

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thank you very much