N8N Basic limits


i was checking the limitations of the different N8N plans and i’d like to have a clear understand of what is not included in the self hosted version, described as “a basic version of N8N”.

I saw a 2 years old post here : Cloud vs Self-Hosted - "basic" version limiations?

are there any updates in this list ?


Hey @kouv,

That list looks to be fairly up to date. The features you don’t get with the Community Edition (without a paid license) are…

Global Variables
Version Control
Log Streaming
External Secrets Store
Workflow and Credential Sharing
Execution Search
Workflow History

What you get over non enterprise cloud plans is…
Unlimited users
Unlimited workflows
Unlimited executions
Access to custom nodes
CLI access
Scaling mode

There could be things I have missed but if you do decide that you need the other features they are available with an enterprise plan which can be self hosted.


Thank you Jon, it’s all clear

Having this information on the pricing page would help other customers

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I think we are toying with the idea of adding something to the docs although when you install n8n if you try to use a feature that you don’t have access to we will let you know it is available on a paid plan :slight_smile:

i’m not sure what you mean by “we are toying” but as a customer i want to have a clean information before choosing to go for self hosted or cloud instance, discovering it afterwards can be very frustrating (and costly as well)

Hey @kouv,

Toying as in thinking, We could put it on the pricing page but as there is no price for the community edition it doesn’t really belong there so having something in the docs could be the better choice.

We do mention it on some of the docs pages as well so if there if there was a feature you were interesting in the documentation should have a little note to say it is only available on cloud or self hosted enterprise.

Out of interest is there any specific feature you were after?

got it, i understand, a link to the doc from the pricing page would be enough

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