N8N Community node: in-memory Key/Value Storage to save values between executions

“KV Storage” is a small node, that provides storage for your variables inside n8n:

You can install it by typing “@telepilotco/n8n-nodes-kv-storage” in Community Node installation dialog on your self-hosted n8n instance.

It is very similar to Redis node, but it does not require you setting up additional infrastructure and running separate Redis container.
All values are stored directly in n8n memory and can be accessed until they expire or until n8n is restarted.
You can put your variables in different scopes (EXECUTION, WORKFLOW, INSTANCE) for better organization. And we have also added Trigger/listener Node and few debugging/utility actions to the package to make it easier to use and create workflows with it.

Here are release notes for version 0.0.1:

  • implemented scopes (EXECUTION, WORKFLOW, INSTANCE)
  • implemented actions: getValue, setValue, incrementValue, listAllScopeKeys, listAllKeyValues, listAllKeyValuesInAllScopes
  • Expires / TTL parameter is active by default in setValue action: you can disable it if you would like this key/value to be persisted until n8n restart
  • key/value pairs that have TTL set will be automatically deleted after they expire
  • automatic deletion task is running in background every 1 second
  • Trigger node is listening for key/value update events in different scopes
  • Trigger node allows filtering by eventType ( value was added, edited, deleted)

If you notice something is wrong, feel free to file a ticket in github repository or drop a comment into this thread.


I had a notification that this was published and I am looking forward to using it later this week, Looks pretty solid.

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