N8n <> Miro Integration

Zapier recently released it’s new UX, Zapier Canvas, which besides it being a more optimal User Experience for power users typically using n8n and make, one of the core reasons behind it is the ability to design the Workflows in the initial Architectural and brainstorm phases of a project- getting users used to available nodes and missing details, side by side with Sticky notes and brain maps.

The idea is:

The Idea? n8n should follow in it’s open source footsteps and release an interactive integration with Miro, allowing the creation of Workflows within Miro Whiteboards.

Many of us utilize Miro for planning and brainstorming of our processes and Workflows and having the ability to draft workflows in there would truly optimize the entire process.

My use case:

Personally, I tend to design the process initially and then hand over the actual implementation to our developers, it would be so much more efficient if when I designed the process, I would be using actual nodes! This would essentially cut the time to implementation and any communication inefficiencies by significant margins, essentially raising team productivity significantly.

anyone have input on this?
Free diagramming tool | Zapier Canvas is incredible