N8n should consider how to work stably under bad network conditions

I am a new beginner for n8n just learned n8n for less than 5 days. I think n8n has more advantages compared zapier and so on.

Why do I make this feature request? The reason is.
according to your n8n docs. I studied the example Build your first workflow, The page is https://docs.n8n.io/quickstart/#install-n8n. After I finish the n8n example, I always end up with errors. I asked for help. @harshil1712 and @MutedJam gave me a lot of help. we found out the reason. The gmail was blocked by the Chinese government. so I use vpn which leads to a poor network and went wrong.

Here is how the error token https://community.n8n.io/t/need-help-i-learn-the-n8n-docs-build-your-first-workflow-delete-unscription-email-message-form-gmail/9602

In addition, your official docs should be updated, I spent a lot of time with pic. Please look at the picture. The red marked [not found] make me diffilut to understand, actual maybe the gmail message Id itself.

Featuer request is below.

n8n should consider how to work stably under bad network conditions.

Hope my expression is clearer


Suggestions by @MutedJam is:

Thanks a lot, fingers crossed this works out! To add a wait time, you can use our Wait node.

I’ve also added a note to our internal list of product improvements to implement the batch delete operation.

This would mean that instead of making one request for each Gmail message to delete, n8n would only need to make one request for a large number of messages, meaning the entire operation would be a lot more likely to succeed in difficult network conditions (as only one request would need to make it through instead of thousands of requests).

You might also want to raise this as a regular feature request here on our forum, so other users can vote for it (and thus help us decide on development efforts).