N8n subdomain got flagged as deceptive website by Google

My subdomain with the server that hosted n8n got flagged as a deceptive website by Google… Did anyone else face the same issue? Why did this happen? There is no issue with my other subdomains or domains. I had only a Facebook trigger workflow in it. Does n8n have any deceptive or phishing content?

Hello @Anand,

Please note that this occasionally happens to a few apps when they get updated, but it doesn’t mean they contain harmful code or deceptive and phishing content.

You can take a look at this thread:

This time, it might be similar to this one, since the app has received updates frequently.

You will be presented with the option to mark it as a “False Positive”. You can use that and the flag will be lifted within a day or two.

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Hello @Anand

Due to the nature of these reports, it’s really hard to find out what caused this in the first place. We have patched this in version 1.6.0

Are you using this version or a newer one? If not, could you try upgrading and let me know if this helps?


Still on this subject, given how cryptic those errors are, not telling us exactly what happened, you might want to try changing the subdomain from n8n.something.com to another name.


@krynble I’m on the latest version of n8n I installed it about a week ago and when it was showing there was a newer version I even updated it a few days back. Seems like n8n has something that google doesn’t like.

@krynble I think Google thinks we are pretending to be an n8n website that’s why it’s flagging. Is there any way to change the n8n logo and customize it, especially the login page, so Google doesn’t think we are trying to imitate the original n8n website? You guys should give the option for customization or else I’m sure Google will keep on doing it. Mostly open source software faces this issue. I read it in some other forum.


@krynble As more and more people start using n8n, the issue will keep on increasing. So if there is anyone from the n8n team here please give the option for customization, especially for the login page, and remove anything that might make it look like the original n8n website.

Don’t think this is the problem.
I have multiple instances I manage and not often do I get this issue. (not even on v1.6 or later)
Changing the subdomain does seem to be the easiest fix for it. as I have not seen it with any instance that doesnt have n8n as the subdomain.

I contacted Google customer service as I’m using GCP as well they said this usually happens when Google algorithm thinks that we are pretending to be some other website trying to get people’s information. As login is a way of getting a password, google monitors it.

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Hi, n8n Team, google removed the flag for now but I got a clear reply from Google saying I need to put my logo, terms and conditions, and privacy policy on the login page so that this won’t happen again. If I don’t have it chances are high that it will happen again as it’s done by Google algorithm. As long as we don’t have it the n8n login page is at high risk of getting flagged as a deceptive website. So guys whoever is using n8n use it at your own risk or in a completely different domain than your main domain as chances are very high that your whole domain will get flagged as a deceptive website and you might scare your customers.


@Jayavel @krynble @BramKn Hi guys is there any way I can at least change the logo on the login page?

I’m having this issue now how did you resolve it.

Hey @Anand,

We are looking into this at the moment, I have not heard of Google blocking a site for having a logo on it so it sounds a bit unusual that it would it cause the issue as thousands of wordpress blogs would have the same issue unless it is maybe a combination of the logo and the url but I have not have the had the same issue with my own site which uses n8n.domain or a bunch of others I have set up over the last 2 years.

Would you be able to forward us the message from Google so we can verify this?

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