N8N time out

Hi Team,
I am aware that we can enable timeout for the entire workflow and from application perspective (env variable).
Please clarify, (1) whether we can set a timeout at node level (for individual api) & (2) About the data loss when a node/API doesn’t get an input data in a specific period.

Hi @Siddu, welcome to the community!

Most nodes do not have their own timeout setting, but the HTTP Request one does. You can find under Options > Add Option:

As for your question about your data loss I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re asking for. Nodes that ran before hitting a workflow timeout will have processed their data. For the timeout of the HTTP Request node it depends on the behaviour of the API you are calling - if the server has received the request and is processing the data but just takes longer than expected for the response all you’d loose is the response data.