N8N version in API

The idea is:

There should be an API call that returns the current running version of N8N. Probably plus some other info, like versions of custom npm and pip packages that are installed/available in the code module. Maybe add this info to the audit API?

My use case:

Want to programmatically monitor when I need to upgrade my self-hosted cluster.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Staying up to date with feature and bug releases is important!

got my vote, the API needs more love :slight_smile:

If you wanted the version you could extract it from the /metrics endpoint if enabled or from /rest/settings which also gives you some more infomation on the settings you are using.


Wasn’t aware of the /metrics and /rest/settings endpoints. Thanks! It looks like /rest/endpoints does exactly what I want.

For /metrics, it would probably be helpful to have that output in JSON form, rather than as a text file that needs to be parsed.

Hey @Lee_S,

The /metrics endpoint is oddly in the correct format for its intended purpose, It is nomrally used with Prometheus for monitoring. Maybe a similar output in json could be useful for other monitoring tools though.

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