N8n webhook changed the link

I had the n8n in my own domain, n8n.genial…com.br

But now, i was trying to use and saw that it is now saying “localhost:5678…”

How do i fix it?


Thank you so much!

Hi there, sounds like it’s only running locally, not via your domain. Please include more information about your deployment, such as where it’s running (os), the database you are using, and the container software (docker or docker compose?). That will help us troubleshoot the issue.

Hi @bahiangelo


Hi @bahiangelo, did you recently upgrade to v1? If so, you might need to replace your old WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL environment variables with WEBHOOK_URL for n8n to pick up the correct URL. Check out this section in the v1 migration guide for details.

Thank you guys, i got it right changing few lines in my ssh! Directing to the right domain!