N8n wont start after a fresh install


I checked out the current master of n8n, and try to start it with the following commands.

lerna bootstrap --hoist
npm run build
npm run start

Instead of starting i get the following error.

When i try to start the dev mode it looks like everything is fine but when i go to localhost:8080

i just get

There was a problem loading init data: API-Server can not be reached. It is probably down

Hey @Cedrik_Meis!

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Are you using the latest version of n8n? There seems to be an issue with SQLite. Do you get any errors during build time?

Edit: This post might helpful: N8n won't start after upgrade to 0.135.1

Hey @harshil1712

I am using the latest version of n8n and just get 2 warnings during the build.
I already saw the post you linked in but i was not able to find a Solution.

Thank you for the fast replay. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Cedrik_Meis,

Did you try the solution suggested by Omar - N8n won't start after upgrade to 0.135.1 - #7 by krynble

Hi @Cedrik_Meis,

Is it a new install or updating an existing one? It looks like the migration is failing because the table exists in the sqlite database so I suspect it was started and maybe closed before it could finish, Looking at the code it could be that a really ugly fix might be to change the SQL here: n8n/1617213344594-CreateTagEntity.ts at 7365309346ae805293d349fe006d3898eba138de · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub and add in an if not exists but that could cause other issues.

If it is a first run it might be worth just deleting the database and starting again.

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Hey @jon

its a new install and it is the first run. Where do i find the database ?

It is normally something like ~/.n8n/database.sqlite

I do not know why but there is no database i do not even have the .n8n file.

What OS are you running it on? The ~/ is normally your users home folder so on Windows it might be C:\Users\cedrik_meis\.n8n

Quick edit to wrap the path as it stripped the last slash

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found the database and it started

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ah perfect :+1: