Naming nodes and connectors

Not meant as a justification, but I have been professionally working with workflows in enterprise software for over 20 years, so I have seen my fair share of issues. :wink:

Although I like N8N a lot and have already found good use for it, I think that a few improvements are needed to make it ready for production and facilitate maintenance. For a starter, it should be possible to give meaningful names to both nodes and connectors. Showing the Note of a Node in the workflow is already a start, but that’s not the best solution I think. My WF’s now have a lot of Set 1, Set 2, etc. I think it should be possible to change these names. At least on the UI level.

Another issue are the connectors. Especially with IF’s and Switches it’s hard (if not impossible) to follow the logic of a (moderately) complex flow. This could be easily solved by giving the option of putting names on the connectors.

An example of how this could look can be found in the image (image not mine).

Keep up the good work. I realize N8N is only at version 0.69 at the moment and you’re not done yet.

Thanks a lot for your feedback @vco1 is very appreciated!

Makes a lot of sense. Renaming the nodes is already possible. You can either select the node and press “F2” or you can go into the node (open the detail view) and then click on the name of the node.

The renaming of the connections is however not possible yet.


Sorry, I missed the part of renaming Nodes. Great that this is already possible. And will immdeiately start updating my workflows. :slight_smile:

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Nothing to be sorry for. We still have a lot of work to do on the documentation as for example the possibility to update it in detail-view is not documented anywhere.

Btw. here are all the available keyboard shortcuts some are really quite helpful to work faster in n8n like the “tab” key: