New comer, lots of questions and feature requests

Hi all,

I just discovered n8n tonight. I’m an old webdev, and I really enjoyed playing with n8n.
But there’s something I don’t get with the configuration of nodes.
I thought n8n was giving to the API of all integrated apps, even if there was not all methods in them, I believed we could improve ourself the needed calls, then share them.
The javascript access is only relevant within the declared field and actions from n8n :frowning:

Am I wrong thinking n8n is an wysiwyg API system handling endpoints, with javascript to clean the data we need ?

I’m actually playing a lot with Taïga, so far I’m missing lots of API calls.
I don’t know if it’s usefull to ask for an integration (as there’s a lot…) if you think it’s relevant I’ll post for each of this call ?

For epics :
Adding files, select linked stories, comments.
In fact, I’d like everything that is available, so my Santa Claus list will be a bit long :slight_smile:

Also, I can see that there are relationnal datas, for instance, for keywords, if they are existing only, so I guess an API call should have to be set update keywords first, then udpating keywords for epics could be possible.

USER STORY, the kanban order update seems buggy as I can’t get moving into a different column.
I’d need swimlane also.

ISSUE: attached files, appart for that, all fields are there ! :slight_smile:

Finally, a way to get the additionnal fields I may add.

I’ve tested recently a tool called BuildShip, it’s really great and allow adding any javascript in it.

Do you think you may add such option ?
I mean having the pipe with your options, but an other tab where you could edit your code and then add the additionnal fields that may missing ?

I also wonder if I should consider a more complete system in between, Taïga and n8n , maybe something like FastAPI to get the missing API calls, then send that to n8n, but once again, I won’t be abble to populate n8n with this if I can’t fully customize the calls…

Sorry for this very long message, thanks if you read it :slight_smile:

Ho ! I guess there’s some super interesting infos here ! :smiley:

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Hi @NiKoolass welcome to flowgrammin’ with n8n, always nice to have a new community member :slight_smile:

I would say your mental model of n8n is accurate; it just can do even more and is really flexible (this actually sometimes becomes a challenge for us in communicating all the useful things it can do). Beyond “WYSIWYG API system handling endpoints,” there are just a few more buckets of nodes: you can interact with your local filesystem, execute shell scripts, interact with non REST systems (FTP etc). Anyone can build a community node as well; so y’know there could be a node that can control the ISS floating in orbit theoretically - no doubt under-the-hood communicating via some legacy XML schema (or something even lower level).

From there, we do try to maintain a modest UX abstraction in our native app nodes. Not too much, just where the API is unnecessarily aesoteric or might be for semi-technical folks who might have trouble setting up a generic API call. So an API that requires you to do a “Get all then filter response; and handle pagination”, might get abstracted as a “Search {resource type}” action in a popular CRM node.

We do have many ways to be able to “make the (API) call” , “do something custom” if our native node doesn’t have coverage for it. Some of those ways could benefit from being a bit more discoverable. There’s some efforts under way on that, but meanwhile :point_down:

  • You can use the Webhook Trigger and HTTP Request nodes (seems like you may have discovered some of those already). The HTTP Request also lets you use many of the native app node’s credentials (“Predefined credential type”). So you don’t have to maintain a separate generic cred to connect to an app you’re already using the native node for. Looks like Taiga cred isn’t on that list yet, typically it’s not overly effortful to add that functionality (we’ve just been doing it on a rolling basis as it’s a relatively new feature). Feel free to submit a Feature request for Taiga cred support in HTTP Request

  • You can use the Code node to freely execute JS or Python for any step in your workflow. Depending on how you host n8n, you can also include 3rd party JS libs - so really flexible in what you do in a code step.

  • We’re about to release “credential only” nodes. When added, it will do all the auth stuff on your behalf and basically give you a HTTP Request node to fill out API call (or import cURL from API docs). Should make it even easier (esp. for the tricky authentication part).

Hope that helps and look forward to seeing you in our community :wave: