New Google Sheets Trigger to recover new records

Hi community,

I have published a new community node for Google Sheets at

You need to install the community node n8n-nodes-google-sheets-trigger.
After installing, you need to stop, remove and recreate your Docker to see all the changes (installation from community-nodes doesn’t show the node properly).

This new node is a Google Sheets trigger. With this node, you will be able to recover new rows added to any sheet.

Basically, define your Google sheets node as usual (credentials, spreadsheet id, range, raw data) and choose your pollTime

If you want the sample sheet, access to the spreadsheet at

and copy it to your personal account.

You have a sample below where I combine new rows from Google Sheets with n8n-nodes-document-generator (another community node created by me) and create a new message with the next template:

{{#each items}}

Polling and recovering new rows only work for active tasks in background. Activate your task to get only new rows.

Finally, I send this generated text to a Telegram channel

If you want play with the sample, just copy and paste the next workflow:


Finally! Fantastic, thank you!

You are welcome!

helllo! how can i install community nodes?

In N8N documentation it says in settings but i cannot find it ?? (see screenshot)

You have to be logged in as the “owner” of the n8n instance.

im the only user and therefore owner … or maybe im not understanding the concept of “owner” ?

Are you using n8n cloud or maybe an older version of n8n?

yes im using N8N cloud - is this not posible then?

Hey @oly-dev,

You got it, so on n8n cloud community nodes are not currently supported. The good news though is we have just released an official Google Sheets Trigger node.