New node Microsft Graph with pagination


n8n could be a very useful tool to interact with Microsoft Graph to manage Microsoft 365 environments.

The big issue is this API is paginated. It’s hard to navigate through pagination with n8n.

Currently, I have this workflow to query the users for example :

If a node can handle the pagination itself it would be GREAT.

ps : I could use the bearer from creadential but for now I don’t have an azure app to use OAuth… I use the token from Graph Explorer…

Thank you,

Hi @JulienDelRio

I created a community node for it which might help you in the meantime.

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I will try.

Thank you.

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Hi BramKn,

Ive installed the n8n-nodes-iterator. But I have trouble to get it working.
I want to use the basecamp API which uses this pagination GitHub - basecamp/bcx-api: API documentation and wrappers for Basecamp 2

I’v read the documentation, but I do not understand how to setup the node to increment the page from 0 to 1, to 2 etc.

When I run the flow The iterator does not iterate? or how do I set that it is done or should iterate?

Please do not put this in another topic where it doesn’t belong :wink:
There is a bug in the node so you have to set the max iterations to a high number to fix that.
Also the iterator should go before the http request.