New updates

Hi I feel like the new updates are more focused on easy of use, and less on functionality. I would like to see more of a focus on manipulating data Json, binary etc. new core nodes. I feel like I lost some of the capability I had before on the early releases and its getting a little dumbed down. love the application but a little concerned on the direction, but not complaining just sharing my thoughts.

We definitely want to make n8n easier to use but for sure do not want to take away capabilities as our goal is still to be the most powerful solution out there. Can you please share where you feel like you lost any?

Hi thank you for your reply, like for example their a table I’m trying to create. this is the input I want to manipulate

I want to see each field separately

I’m sure theirs a better way for me to parse the data, but I feel let I had the options before. but this isn’t a big deal but I’m would let to see more options that makes its closer to raw coding.

Like the new node and updates to N8N loving the direction this application is moving in

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