No entity column "hash" was found with Zendesk Node

I am still having trouble with an issue already posted.

I am having this problem only with the Zendesk Trigger node, and i am using the 0.202.1 Version
Do you know when will be fixed?

Hi @Gabriele_Bracciali, an error of No entity column "hash" was found would suggest n8n is looking for a database column not present in your schema. Unfortunately, you seem to have deleted all the information requested in the question template here on the forum though.

Could you confirm a few more details to get a better understanding of your problem? In particular, I’d like to know

  1. Which database you are currently using
  2. Whether the issue also persists with the current [email protected] version for you
  3. If this also happens when just activating the workflow and doing nothing else in the same session. As in opening a new browser tab, finding the workflow, and activating it. No previous manual execution or anything.
  4. If there is any server log output suggesting a database migration problem.

Hey @MutedJam thanks for replyng.

  1. i am using Cloud version

  2. After updating to the new version, there is always an error but with different text:
    Please resolve outstanding issues before you activate it

  3. i was having only 1 tab open

Hi @Gabriele_Bracciali, I am so sorry for that. Would new workflows using the Zendesk trigger also be affected? As in, if you create a completely new workflow, add a fresh Zendesk trigger (not copying an existing one), are you able to activate your workflow?

And can you double-check the credentials you have in use?

Yes also if i create a new workflow and using a new Zendesk trigger.
I am using a webhook trigger for replace it until it will be fix.

What you mean with credentials?

Hi @Gabriele_Bracciali, I meant your Zendesk credentials configured in n8n as invalid credentials are a typical cause for an error such as “Please resolve outstanding issues before you activate it”.

That said, I was able to reproduce the problem in the meantime and shall add this to our engineering backlog for a closer look. We’ll confirm once this has been fixed.

The zendesk credential are ok
i will wait,
Thanks for your help!

Hi all, activating workflows including the Zendesk trigger should work again with n8n v0.204.0. Just make sure to actually define a condition in the trigger node, otherwise you’d see an “Unkown error”:

I’ve had this issue now once too. Not the Zendesk node but simple webhook.
As I have suggested in one other topic.
Moving a node and re-saving the workflow works to fix the issue. Just make sure to deactivate the workflow first.

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I got this error today and it was a strange issue which I chalked off to a “one off” glitch.
I opened an existing and working workflow starting with a webhook trigger - changed the name and tried to save it and got this hash error.
Couldnt figure out what was going on.
Reloaded the page and I see two new nodes in there just on their own - not sure where they came from!

Deleted those two - saved and all worked well.

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