Node concept: the image block does not work

Node concept: the image block does not work
ERROR: Block parameter’s value is invalid.
Can someone help me? THANKS

What form are you talking to me about: I’m new to the community and not very good at it…

Hey @Sol,

Can you provide more information? At the moment I don’t know what node you are using, what node option you are using or what you are trying to do.

If you can complete the template we provide it will make this a lot quicker.


Is the copy I have given you enough or do you need more?

Thank you

Hey @Sol,

We are only able to provide support in English so I have done a quick translate.

It looks like Notion is saying that the image URL is invalid, Does both of your input items include a URL and what are they?

Create an image block in a conceptual database page: error

Yes they include a URL and I tried typing in a URL directly and that didn’t work either.

Hey @Sol,

Can you share the image urls you are trying? It is notion saying the url is invalid so I want to take a look at the urls and see if I can work out why.

To what email address?

It did not work with a file outside sharepoint or onedrive

Hey @Sol,

I have just taken a quick look at the Notion API docs and the image URL will only work if the url ends with the image extension and isn’t for a service that returns the image as an example, I suspect this is the issue you are seeing, An example of that this means is below. - This will fail as it doesn’t directly load the image - This will work as it is the direct path to the image

Hello Jon
I’ve tried everything, but I can’t quite understand because nothing works.
I tried putting it in paragraph instead of image and when I select the file address in the notion paragraph and copy to a link it works in notion.

Hey @Sol,

It worked for me yesterday using that second image url link, I have just looked at the workflow from the other day and it doesn’t actually have a Notion node adding an image block instead it is using a file property.

With the Image block can you share the URL for the Image you were trying to use?

I copied your link and it worked.
All that remains is to figure out how to achieve the same thing.
Thank you so much

Hey @Sol,

You just need to make sure the link you are using is for the file itself and not the preview. If you check the 2 links you can see the difference between the 2.

In fact I don’t know how to get the url of a file from my storage corresponding to the one that works in your example;

Hey @Sol,

That all depends on what you are using, Sadly I don’t have an answer for that one at the moment.

Here is the link that does not work

Hey @Sol,

That is a word online file not an image so I would expect that to fail.

Here’s an image link that didn’t work either.
ERROR: Bad request - please check your parameters

Content creation Failed. Fix the following: Invalid image url.

Hey @Sol,

That is because that is not an image link it is a preview page, If you get all the Onedrive / Sharepoint headings in there and not just the image itself it won’t work. This is sadly a limitation in Notion.

Ok but how do we get the right url?