Node for wordpress comments

Wordpress do not have node for comments.

Could you give me a example to use node of http request to create, delete, update comment by wordpress API, please?

Hi @cmdntd987, the Wordpress REST API would be documented here:

Anything exactly you are struggling with? If you are new to the HTTP Request node you might want to give the n8n basic course a go which includes this node too:

I tried it. But I have a problem:
(It is ok with a simple content like “test comment”)

I have this error:

Invalid comment content

When try to send this comment content:

Tác giả lưu ý thông tin sau, hệ thống gửi thiếu do bị lỗi data trong project
1. Nội dung này dùng cho mục đích gì?
Giới thiệu-review-đánh giá-các khu chợ sỉ “Cuối cùng là để bán dịch vụ Giới thiệu-review-đánh giá “

2. Vấn đề, sản phẩm cần trình bày ở đây là gì?
Chợ sơn long ninh hiệp- Quần áo-giầy dép-phụ kiện | Nam |nữ|trẻ em|Trung tuổi| Bán Sỉ/Buôn

3. Người sẽ đọc nội dung bạn viết là ai?
Chủ QUầy bán buôn tại ninh hiệp-Và các shop bán lẻ+online muốn nhập hàng tại chợ sơn long ninh hiệp

Could you help me a little to send this unicode comment (new line included)?

This is my request node:

Hey, I gave this a quick go on my own instance using this workflow:

This worked fine:

The comment also appeared on the website as expected:

This would also work for me when using a Set node which seems to be what you are doing from looking at your workflow:

Example Workflow

I was using [email protected] when testing this against a WordPress 5.8.3 installation.

So I am not sure why you are getting the error message you have shared unfortunately. If the aforementioned workflows don’t help, this might ultimately come down to how your WordPress server is configured. This wouldn’t be something I could provide much help with though unfortunately :frowning:

Wow! It really works with option “Split Into Items
Thank you very much

Could you explain more about how this option work for this issue, please?

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Glad to hear this worked :slight_smile:

The “Split Into Items” option shouldn’t affect the posting of data though, instead it is a very basic transformation of the response data. Essentially, it transforms data looking like this:

Into data looking like this:

So if your HTTP response is a single array, this option would immediately convert this array into individual n8n items.

I do not know how this affect to content which posted to wp end_point, but it seems wp accepted this in reality.

There are some documents about wp api request to use uri, instead of parameters in body, like:


But it makes trouble when try to convert into uri character

The “Split Into Items” option solved all of this by some way.