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Hello everyone,

I’m doing a workflow to automise projects between Asana and Notion.
The begining of the workflow is collecting data from Asana then put it in Notion.
So I have two options, one is create a new row in database and the other is update if it’s already in the database.
To do this I need to check if project’s id are in my database column. I use Notion node and search in a page.
In the input there are 13 items but in the output i’ve only one item (and it’s empty).
My problem is the number of item in the output even if it’s empty, to insert the data I want I need to have the same number of items at the begining and at the end.
If someone had the same problem and has the solution it will be amazing !!!
thank you very much

Hey @Corentin,

Welcome to the community :cake:

An empty output item doesn’t sound good, Can you share your workflow and maybe some screenshots of the data?

Hi @Jon,

thank you for your responsiveness, someone help me and we found the solution.
We need to put the node Split in Batches and a IF to check if there is more item to execute.I don’t know if I’m clear but this page can probably help you to understand :

This principle of the loop is missing for Notion’s nodes, It would be great if this feature could work with these nodes.

Thank you very much for your response.
Have a great day

Hey @Corentin,

That is interesting, The Notion node is very much aware of looping and will run once for each incoming item already. It sounds like there could be more to this.

I have one last question ^^.
I took data from Asana to Notion and I put the field “status” in select type or multi-select.
But when I execute the workflow there is an error which says status need to be select type or something like that.
Is it possible to convert this data to select type before add it to the database.

Thank you

Hey @Corentin,

Could you share the exact error message? I am not sure what a select type is so the extra context or a screenshot would help.

Yes of course.

It says “State is expected to be select” because i put the state column in Select property. And it’s the same message if I put the column in multi-select, the message will be “State is expected to be Multi-select”.

So in my Notion I have added a database that uses a select field but for me it works.

In Notion I have this

Could you share more about your notion database page setup and what you are sending to it?


Hi @Jon,

Thanks for your answer, actually I change on my database but not in my node that’s why it didn’t match. Now it’s fixed :star_struck:

Thank you it was really helpfull.
Have a great day.


Hey @Corentin,

That is good to hear :slight_smile:

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